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The Greatest Salesman in the World, Part II: The End of the Story

Og Mandino

My 2 cents

This book picked up years after the first, with the protagonist traveling the country teaching the skills he used to become a success. It's a good read, though not as compelling as the first.

Publisher's description

This is unformatted and pulled directly from Goodreads. I can't promise that it reads well.
This is a sequel to Mandino's 1967 bestselling book, published in 1988 and set back forty years later the first part; the main character Hafid is in a sad state, mourning the loss of his wife, Lisha. The story starts years into Hafid’s seclusion, when a dream convinces him to see a stranger that turns up on his doorstep and pulls Hafid out of retirement to embarke on a new adventure: a speaking tour to enlighten others about the principles enclosed in The Ten Scrolls.

My Rating

4 / 5 Awesomes

Publish date

March 1st 1989

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